The North American Magyar Agár Association (NAMAA) was founded in 2008 by a small but enthusiastic group of Magyar Agár (MA) fanciers in northern California. The goal for NAMAA was to establish a solid foundation for the Magyar Agár breed in North America by creating an independant registry system and studbook that put the health, welfare and working ability of the breed front and center.

We feel that by operating a breed parent club that is wholly independant and separate from any all-breed kennel club organization, we can better serve the present and future needs of the Magyar Agár for generations to come. NAMAA is strongly opposed to recognition of the Magyar Agár by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The NAMAA supports and encourages all of it's member breeders to test their breeding stock for physical/genetic health (through OFA, CERF etc) as well as for working ability on the track and field (through performance sports like racing, lure coursing and hunting). Being both a rare and ancient working sighthound breed, it is vital that breeders and fanciers do everything they can to preserve the original traits and characteristics of the Magyar Agár that have made it a valuable part of Hungarian history and tradition.






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