Breeder Referral

The NAMAA offers this breeder referral service as a general aid in acquiring a Magyar Agár. We strongly advise all prospective Magyar Agár owners to DO YOUR RESEARCH before making a final decision to bring a new dog into your home. Acquiring a dog means making a life-long commitment and is not to be taken lightly. While it can make a wonderful companion, the Magyar Agár is not the breed for everyone. Please read up on the breed to determine whether this unique breed is right for you.

The NAMAA makes no claim as to the quality of the breeders (or their dogs) listed below. It is your responsibility to inform yourself as much as possible before acquiring a puppy or adult dog from any breeder.

For advice/assistance on importing a dog or puppy, please contact Tom Koler.


Breeders in North America

Stout-Hearted Hounds (CA)

Tűzvihar Hounds (CA)


Breeders in Europe

Szelek Királya (Austria)

Aranyági Utonálló (Hungary)

Betcha-Katcha (Germany)

Cserihegyi (Hungary)

Aveninas (Finland)

Kucorgó-Dombi & Repülj (Hungary)

Olajos-réti Győzős (Hungary)

Primada (Finland)

Farkas Von Salomon (Germany)


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