Welcome to the home-on-the-web for the North American Magyar Agár Association (NAMAA). NAMAA was founded in 2008 to serve as the breed parent club for the Magyar Agár in North America, and to preserve, protect and promote the interests of this wonderful breed. The NAMAA and its members are dedicated to the advancement of the Magyar Agár with an emphasis on health, temperament and performance on the track and field.

The NAMAA maintains its own unique studbook and provides both individual and litter registration services to domestically-born and imported dogs. Membership in the NAMAA is open to individuals and families all over the world.

The NAMAA publishes an annual newsletter in both English and Hungarian (for our friends in Europe). The NAMAA Newsletter chronicles breed milestones and accomplishments in North America and occasionally features articles written by European breeders and enthusiasts. The newsletter is also open to NAMAA members for advertising litters, adult dogs and supplies for sale.

Please browse these pages for detailed information on the Magyar Agár breed, NAMAA events, activities to pursue with your Agár, breeder referral, litter announcements and more.



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