Download the NAMAA Membership Application

Eligibility and Classes of Membership

The NAMAA has an open membership to any and all interested parties world wide. There are two classes of membership offered:

1. Individual membership - for adults age 18 years or older; and

2. Family memberships for up to two adults per household.

Benefits of NAMAA Membership

NAMAA membership is REQUIRED in order to be eligible to register litters in the NAMAA studbook. In addition, NAMAA members are eligible to advertise their litters, stud dogs, available dogs and supplies in the NAMAA newsletter.

NAMAA members are eligible to vote in NAMAA elections and to nominate NAMAA officers.

Membership Fees and Dues

Individual memberships are $30.00 per year, and Family memberships are $40.00 per year, with payment due at the beginning of each year. New applicants admitted to membership during the months of November and December will be credited for the following calendar year.





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